Treatment of Facial Thread Veins

Facial thread or broken veins are unsightly. They are also referred to as red viens. These veins are usually red in colour and form a reticular or net-like pattern on the cheeks , nose or chin. They may follow acne as a teenager or exposure to the elements such as horse riding or other outdoor pursuits.

The most effective treatment for facial veins is Veinwave. This is a delicate thermocoagulation technique which destroys these fine veins instantly with excellent cosmetic results. The treatment is an office based procedure. It is important not to wear foundation, artificial tan or other cover up on the day of treatment. One needs to avoid sun burn for a few days afterwards, use a sun block if necessary.

Sharp scratches are experienced during the treatment session but this is not too unpleasant. Afterwards, small red dots may be visible at 10 -14 days. These little marks resemble tiny cat scratches and are called micro-crusts. They appear and then resolve completely. No cover up is necessary as they are usually not as noticeable as the original thread veins.

A top up session is usually required after the initial treatment. Rarely a third treatment is needed.

As they veins are destroyed, they cannot return. However, more red veins can form over months or years, they are usually treatable.

This information is general in nature. It is for guidance only, Professor Magee can advise you on specific information relating to your condition.

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