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All patients will have an individual treatment plan bespoke to their vein problem.
Vein treatment is more affordable than you think. It is important to have an idea of cost. After your ultrasound scan, we will outline the exact cost for your varicose vein treatment


Self paying patients


Mini consultation - FREE for self paying patients

If progressing to treatment then a full consultation is combined with a scan appointment

New patient consultation - £190

Follow up consultation - £150

Ultrasound scan of varicose veins:


One leg - £250


Both legs - £350

Insured patients

All appointments and varicose vein treatments are charged at the tariff outlined by the insurer.


We are Fee Assured for all major insurers

Varicose Veins

Endovenous laser and RFA, including phlebectomies, General Anaesthetic, Daycase starts from:


£2650 for one leg


£3735 for both


The complete treatment in one visit.

Open venous surgery, seldom indicated, starts from:


£2330 for one leg


£2780 for both

Spider Veins and Facial Veins

A consultation is required prior to treatment sessions.

Microinjection sclerotherapy of leg veins: £300 per treatment session

Veinwave of facial veins: £300 per treatment session

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